A wandering bird's-eye overview of most things even vaguely related to travel, and an opportunity for writers, artists and photographers to contribute the historical, the hysterical, the quirky and quixotic... anything with heart.

Travel n Ravel

Me? I'm an Australian writer, and the editor of TravelnRavel. My 'serious writing' blog is here - iancochrane.com.au

But tonight I'm in Doha with a fellow  traveller. We've first met in Lagos early 2014, and now sit an airport lounge, whittling away the hours

waiting for flights: me to Korea and Raj to India.

" Your book, I am reading Sir," the sudden admission a surprise with Raj not normally so forthcoming. "It is true you walked across my city of Mumbai Sir?" I nod, and there's a self-conscious cough. "You are being a serious writer Sir, and must be doing the needful to write more on such serious adventures."

I'm not sure about the 'serious' bit, and don't mention my `writing' blog on people and places. I've hundreds of short story drafts too; not to mention the myriad of other stuff that continually ravels and unravels in my crowded head.

Anyway, there I go, off on a tangent as I'm prone to do. Me, a `serious' writer? The fresh-faced Raj would be surprised.

Raj's plane is finally on the tarmac, and he fiddles with a bag of duty free. I'd say he's only 30, a younger FIFO commuting between the oil and gas hub of Nigeria, and his home in India.

He gets lonely in Lagos he says, although sharing digs with 2-others; and he's now bought a parrot, "for the company Sir." I can't help but smile, and there's an indignant grimace. "But Sir, you must be knowing he is very intelligent...an African Grey...the most intelligent of birds Sir."

I wonder at the logic of sharing a small Lagos room with an African parrot called Shiva, when that feathered, beadie-eyed beastie can't be trusted: Raj now forced to wear pink wash-up gloves, savagely bitten when cleaning the cage or offering food.

But that bird really is smart, for even the kind-hearted Raj has bad days, sometimes leaving the cage door open - maybe intentionally - the vicious bird refusing to budge, knowing better than to take on the wilds of downtown Lagos.

Mmm, so...there I go again...my less than 'serious' musings like pushing an errant supermarket shopping trolley that bounces off one wall into the other. Anyway...what to do with all this `non-serious' stuff? Stuff I need to ravel or unravel, and then move on.

So, we're looking at a journal of sorts: An opportunity for international writers, artists and photographers to contribute the historical, the hysterical, the quirky and quixotic... all with heart. We're looking for a wandering bird's eye overview of most things even vaguely related to travel; but not simply about moving from `A' to `B'. Nor is it about the cost, or the mechanics of an `awesome journey'. It's to do with the experience...and can be about sketching, writing, watching a bus, catching a bus, walking the pet poodle or an arbitrary amble to the local store.

That's it then: a maybe-monthly, maybe-weekly foray into a foggy scrapbook world of bits and pieces - depending on contributions - almost-disjointed dregs, snippets, skerricks and leftovers, like the mystery of why the Hell a fresh-faced Indian lad would share a room with a blood-thirsty parrot.

               Cheers,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ic                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ian Cochrane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  November, 2014 - Doha, Qatar