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We ran so fast
USA 2013 `Run Fast' by The Julie Ruin - A nostalgic clip & a frenetic piece of biographical garage punk/pop.   Continue Reading »
Destination= The Rock of Gibraltar - A quirky portrait of coexistence. This film short `Territory' is by  Eleanor Mortimer.  (Sorry if this Vimeo is not supported on some mobile devices. If  not, hopefully this `Territory' link will work!)   Continue Reading »
From the mouths of Saints
I peer out from under an arch of stone, this ancient Valery gate; northwards over the Normandy harbour of Somme, my thoughts with a simple French peasant girl and a war that lasts one hundred years. The year is 1430.  She's bought this way from Crotoy to the north, to be taken south to a court and trial in Rouen.   Continue Reading »
Looking for another world
Destination = Alpha Centauri -    Continue Reading »
When it may be time to settle down
Australia 2013 `You can put your shoes under my bed' by Neil Finn & Paul Kelly - `Anytime, anytime you're passing by this way Remember you will always have a place to stay' A stunning live performance of this plaintive classic first recorded by Kelly in 1985     Continue Reading »
Water on stone
You want see rice terrace?  What you do tomorrow?  Tonight?  I take you somewhere?  I know special place, good food, cheap, human food.    Continue Reading »
Changing faces
Destination = Singapore -   Continue Reading »
Backcountry coup - Alison for the chop
Sometimes you just overhear stuff. I'm in New South Wales, Australia. It's 2pm on a warm April afternoon in the town of  Nimbin and I'm sitting at a small round table outside the Truffala Seeds café.    Continue Reading »
Just a walk in the snow
Being a snow artist in Stryn, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway - When painting a landscape takes on a whole new meaning.   Continue Reading »
An Ubud vignette
All three of us ladies are cool and comfortable in a large air-conditioned car.  We are being driven into Ubud by Wayan, part owner of Lily Lane Villas.  It's our last shopping morning and we are women on a mission.  I want yoga pants, and a particular pendant I've seen somewhere on Hanuman Road.    Continue Reading »
On the subway
The tale of kids doing it tough, but living a New York tradition - The film short `We Live This' is by HAYDEN 5. (Sorry if this Vimeo is not supported on some mobile devices. If not, hopefully this `We Live This' link will work!   Continue Reading »
Following unknown paths
Sweden 2014 `To Travel the Path Unknown' by Goat - The Swedish `ongoing multi-generational collective' from the otherwise insignificant village of Korpilombolo in northern Sweden - a place with a history of voodoo worship they say, after a witch doctor arrived & settled there in Medieval times.   Continue Reading »