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Holiday with a head cold
He tried to protect me, he really did, so as not to share his cold.  However husbands, travel and germs being what they are, I'm in Bali at the Lily Lane Villas, just outside of Ubud proper, with a  scratchy throat and extreme exhaustion.  Water, water, and more water.  Green tea.  Sleep.   Continue Reading »
Out on the weekend
Destination = Bordeaux, France -   Continue Reading »
We can drive, we can race, we can celebrate space
UK 2004 `Everyone come down' by The Delgados We have hills, we have pills, we have people in place. A catchy piece of Scottish Indie pop.   Continue Reading »
Made by Madam Pele
 4.30am on the big island of Hawaii.  Not a good time of the morning for me, although I sometimes have fantasies of: this would be the time to wake, drink warm water, do yoga for an hour, write for an hour, then I am free to live my life.  But at 4.30am, the bed is too comfy, the mattress too loving, the dreams too bizarre and frantic to drag myself out of them.   Continue Reading »
Returning home
Lifelines - 'Panzi Foundation' -   Continue Reading »
Beanie Fever
Three thousand beanies in the Northern Territory, central Australia: sitting on tables, in piles, hung from plastic trellis, in boxes, on heads and/or clutched in hands.   Continue Reading »
Thinking big
North Western Victoria, Australia silo art - Australia’s largest outdoor gallery, stretching over 200kms. Created by artists from Australia and around the world, each work telling a story of  the locals and their town. This film short `Solo Art Trail' is by Rodosone.   Continue Reading »
Floating in the moonlit sky
France 2017 `Rest' by Charlotte Gainsbourg. When we find we can fly.   Continue Reading »
Journey in time
Destination = Northwest Vietnam - A beautifully shot take on rural life in Southeast Asia. This film short `The Old Ways - A Journey to Northwest Vietnam' is by Nhi Dang. (Sorry if this Vimeo is not supported on some mobile devices. If not, hopefully, this `Old Ways' link will work!)   Continue Reading »
Everything under the Sun
For this new TravelnRavel publication PURCHASE HERE   Continue Reading »
Burning in paradise
I am sitting in paradise, so they tell me.  Here on Kona, the Big Island of Hawaii, where Hawaiian royalty used to come to play and relax. I'm possibly on the only soft seat in the world, outside of my home back in Melbourne.  Have you ever noticed, when you travel, that you wind up sitting on a lot of stone benches, concrete steps, and bare plastic chairs?  Look,   Continue Reading »