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Another Ark
3 years ago
3 years ago
Boskoppie - after the storm
Boskoppie - after the storm

Two caracal kittens up to their shoulders

in cold flood water

fur matching muddy water,

running back and forth,

panicked for high ground that was not there.

Mona crying, she could not feel her feet,

after rescuing tiger cubs.

Fences down, grown lions speculating.

Five lion cubs enjoying their new swimming pool:

five little brown bears,

coated in mud.

Electricity gone,

light gone.

In the night,

we shine like neon

to the dark-adapted eyes

of one hundred predators.


Photo: After the Storm -  Boskoppie Lion Park, Kroonstad, South Africa _ Helen Patrice

  1. lostboys 

    A snapshot in time. How lucky.
    (btw, that pussycat-predator doesn't look the slightest bit dangerous.)


    1. mads2cents 

      Wonderfully written, Helen, I can feel the plight of the animals in the storm and imagine the “dark-adapted eyes of one hundred predators.” That’s a great photo and the big cat almost looks cuddly!


      1. helenpatrice 

        The big cat was a lion cub of 5 months called Teddy. He was one laid back lad. One afternoon, I played patty-cake with his forepaws, clapping them together.