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3 years ago
An Ubud vignette
An Ubud vignette

All three of us ladies are cool and comfortable in a large air-conditioned car.  We are being driven into Ubud by Wayan, part owner of Lily Lane Villas.  It's our last shopping morning and we are women on a mission.  I want yoga pants, and a particular pendant I've seen somewhere on Hanuman Road. 

As we round the first corner, we are buzzed by two young men on a motor bike.  The one in front has both hands on the handlebars, a miracle in itself in 'casually ride your bike' Bali.  He has a surgical mask pulled down under his chin, and a cigarette stuck in his mouth.  The end, fed by the air streaming past, is glowing bright orange.

None of us say anything for a few moments, and then we all burst out at once.

"Did you see?"

"That boy with the cigarette-"

My voice is the loudest, and wins out.  "Of course you want a face mask to protect you from car pollution, and then pull it down for a ciggie.  Because that doesn't harm your lungs at all."

I am the queen of sarcasm.

It's only on the 5.5 hour trip home on the plane that I think of this image again.  I've been on the back of a few Bali motor bikes in my time, sans face mask.  Results:  chapped lips, wind burn, sun burn, runny nose from car fumes, occasional bug in my teeth.

Yeah, fair enough, bike boy, you need a face mask. 

Photo: Ubud Bikers - Ubud, Bali, Indonesia _ Ben Godrey