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4 years ago
4 years ago
It's cold outside
It's cold outside

A walk in a Geoje, Korea -

2-otters frolic on rocks and ice, the wind cold, the water grey and white-capped.

From the harbour I cross the road, dodging traffic and walking east, collar pulled high, gloved hands deep in jacket pockets, feet cold in thick socks and battle-weary boots. Roadside stalls with orange roofs sell fish-shaped bread filled with red bean paste. 

At the market I pass clothes stands and trestles, steaming hotplates of frying pancakes, pots of dumplings, fish, sea slugs and shellfish, buckets of wriggling eels and whitebait; an escapee octopus thrown back in its tank. 

Women sit at the crossing and power pole, crowded by dishes of vegetables; a clutter of boxes, bags and spare stores under a blue tarp. There's the smell of sweet pork, an open air butcher across the way. 

The women sit quiet, any custom slow, the wind in gusts down narrow market alleys; gloved women in oversized beanies on 3-legged stools; chatter muffled by wrapped woollen scarves. I doubt they'd smell the honey, or the sizzling pork.

Photo: It's Cold Outside - Geoje, South Korea _ Ian Cochrane