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4 years ago
4 years ago
What's art got to do with it?
What's art got to do with it?

Paris, France street art -

So, what is `art' exactly? The spice of life? Maybe...one of them anyway.
But...really...is it geometry, abstracts, architecture, portraits, landscapes. tags, posters or signs? Or is it about street art, accidentally discovered on some winter evening ?

...the evening air's sharp, cafe lights warm, the smell of nutella and crepes; my path from Ile St Louis, by Notre Dame and across the Seine, past City Hall, the traffic and gaggles of rugged-up skaters; the swish and ring of steel on ice.

I'm somehow drawn to this silent  sidestreet of an alley; could have easily turned right, not left. There's a bare tree in a smallish square. A single lamp: a beckoning face on a tall brick wall, my boots on cobbles far too loud.

Photo: Quiet please! - Paris, France _ Ian Cochrane

  1. tonyberkman 

    Ian did you stumble across that work? Amazing work and incredible photograph.


    1. lostboys 

      thanks. yeah, definitely found it by accident...a bonus of just putting one foot in front of the other i reckon


    2. tonyberkman 

      is it the photograph that's the art or what's supposed to be the art that is the art?


    3. tonyberkman 



    4. tonyberkman 

      that's art!!!


  2. lostboys 

    & with art, you never know what's around the corner... an iconic sight around Berlin; but is it art?