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3 years ago
Fading phantoms
Fading phantoms

In the cool night air we lounge on aging wicker chairs drinking beer and Trincadiera. Shadows wander beneath banana palms and colonial Portuguese arches: fading phantoms of  the dead - past diplomats, revolutionaries, reporters and spies.

In the morning we linger out front, gaze across to Atauro and the mainland point, the water still, a spooky shade of pink.

From Hotel Turismo we carry packs the length of Dili Beach, amble to the ferry and chat with 3-human rights lawyers letting their hair down for the weekend. They point to the wharf and whisper among themselves.

Later  we hear of the hundreds killed here, the bodies tossed off the wharf and washed up on Dili Beach.

Photo: Pink Sea in the Morning - Dili Harbour, East Timor _ Ian Cochrane

  1. aboreson4 

    Eerie and dreamlike writing. Just the thought of all those corpses washing up on Dili Beach is an outrageous mental picture, lowering me into a familiar state of melancholy. To save myself, I slowly release the vision, only to ponder how three human rights lawyers "let their hair down." Great writing, Ian!


    1. lostboys 

      Definitely an eerie sensation, followed by an alcohol-soaked weekend Annie.


  2. mads2cents 

    Poetically written and literally sad and tragic that hundreds lost their lives. Almost surreal, the color of the water, all the corpses washing up on shore and the human rights lawyers whispering. Ian, your words and photo really capture the mood of “fading phantoms.”


    1. lostboys 

      Much appreciated Madilyn.
      I do have a soft spot for the place & the people