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Food, Wine And Such
4 years ago
4 years ago
Good luck with that!
Good luck with that!

Some helpful hints for heralding in the Korean Lunar New Year -

* no hair washing - washes away good luck

* no housework - sweeps away good luck

* no singing - attracts ghosts

* no using sharp objects - severs any threads of good luck

* Eating? Yeah, always good luck in my book; and promotes prosperity for the year ahead ...except don't eat porridge of course - a poor person's meal, setting a bad precedent for the  coming year. oh...and don't cut or bite your noodles, when a good slurp will suffice. You guessed it...cutting will bring bad luck. 


At the local Korean Dessert Cafe I'm told a splash of red is a good thing, and will certainly bring me good luck....mmm...but to be honest, I'm not so sure how impressed my girlfriend actually is.

...and I'm not totally convinced this dessert is `Korean' either. Mmm...maybe I should have stuck with kimchi.


Happy Lunar New Year from Korea

Photo: Good luck with that! - Janpyeong, Geoje, South Korea _ Ian Cochrane