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3 years ago
3 years ago
Having all the answers

San Francisco, USA street art -

It’s about discovering street art around some city corner, the artist having been in conversation with himself.

It's about meeting a painter not having to explain absolutely everything,  an artist simply happy to leave a residue of feelings.

This film short  `Jason Jagel SF' is by Noe Chavez

(Sorry if this Vimeo is not supported on some mobile devices. If not, hopefully this  `Jason Jagel SF' link will work!)  


  1. aboreson4 

    Really love this. San Francisco is an incredible city...so rich in culture, diversity, color, language and beauty. I totally understand why Jason Jagel wishes to paint its essence. I will have to do more research on his work and hopefully one day see him and his art in person.


    1. lostboys 

      & he does seem such a nice guy Annie.
      I was taken with the eloquently put notion of leaving a feeling behind.


  2. mads2cents 

    Love San Francisco, lived there in the North Beach part of town for nine years. I’ve always liked street art and I like what this artist is doing. I like the way he blends colors and creates images to reflect a feeling of the City. Nice short film. Next time I visit SF, I’ll look for his art.


    1. lostboys 

      You really have moved around a bit Madilyn.
      I was impressed with Jason's sense of community.