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5 years ago
Odd man out
Odd man out

I’m 360km east of Mumbai at a collection of shimmering Buddhist caves halfway up a cliff on the Deccan plateau. Sweat stings my eyes as I trudge a path of searing concrete around a secluded horseshoe gorge. 

The faint gurgling of the river below makes me thirsty: groups of students a vision of cool, their bright sari's somehow surreal. At each cave I take off my boots, explore the semi-darkness and drink in cool musty air; outside it's the furnace of the gorge once more. It's 3pm and hotter than ever. 

There's yet another group of students, and I wonder how I must smell...and if they would find a tour group anywhere as interesting as me. 

I'm the oddity here, dark eyes watching at every turn, me quite the sight in soggy, sweat-drenched shirt, dusty shorts, bandanna and boots. 


Photo: All about Me - Ajanta Caves, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India _ Vyacheslav Argenbe rg

  1. mads2cents 

    Ian, I bet you were quite the sight to those students…oh, and you may have smelled too given where you were LOL! Lovely photo of the young women.


    1. lostboys 

      Haha, yes, always the odd man out Madilyn. The colours of the saris are extraordinary, but then, that is India


  2. dalecooper57x 

    I bet they would love to think they looked anywhere near as worldly wise as you Ian.


    1. lostboys 

      Very kind Dale, but the more `worldly' I get, the less I know.
      Thanks for the vote of confidence though.