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3 years ago
On being unfortunate
On being unfortunate

The last Sultan of Granada - Boabdil - is born here at The Alhambra in 1460 but imprisoned in the Tower of Comares when just newly-married, by a paranoid father who once ordered the beheading of 36 knights in the Hall of the Abencerrajes, the red stains still shouting from fountain bases and flagstone floors. Boabdil escapes from his prison on a rope of his mother’s silken scarves.

Boabdil finally deposes his father in 1482, only to be captured the very next year by Castilian Catholic armies. His son is taken hostage as security, and Boabdil is left as caretaker only. After 6yrs’ war with his father and uncle, Boabdil is again besieged by Castilian armies and exiled.

Also known as `The unfortunate', Boabdil leads a small band of dejected followers south to a mountain pass - bursting into tears when turning back to gaze on a distant Alhambra for one last time: his lost ‘pearl set in emeralds’.

Photo: A Pearl Set in Emeralds - The Alhambra, Granada, Andalucia, Spain _ Ian Cochrane