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3 years ago
3 years ago
On the road...
On the road...

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania illustrations -

…crammed on a `daladala’ minibus, Tanzanian share-taxi style.

Sarah Markes is a UK artist who first visits Tanzania briefly in 2000,  spending only a few hours in Dar es Salaam. Sarah falls in love with the architecture and atmosphere.

2yrs later Sarah moves to `Dar’, her office in the town centre and every lunch break exploring on foot, becoming more captivated at every turn.

She soon realizes that much of the architecture that drew her to Dar is being demolished to make way for the generic and the modern.

Sarah is committed to document the old Dar before it’s too late; all in the context of  the vibrant street life of a city on the move. She also hopes to raise community awareness, using art to inspire visitors and assist those working in local heritage conservation.

`On the Road' is an illustration from`Dar Sketches’; a project of the artist Sarah Markes