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3 years ago
3 years ago
See you Jimmy
See you Jimmy

In the morning I wake with the early call to prayer and the howling of dogs that feel inclined to add their voice to proceedings. I drink black coffee and watch each town light fade among rambling blue walls and drifts of valley mist.

Later I head for the edge of town for breakfast - my daily rosewater and honey yoghurt infusion, with dates, fruit and cereal - my walk leading to the town walls where Jimmy meets me at the eastern gate.

There's the happy clatter of the laundry contingent and the rush of tumbling white water as wet clothes are slapped on smooth rocks.

'Jimmy' is a black and white cat, owned by a local shopkeeper; although I've come to the conclusion that Jimmy may actually own Farouk.

Today I finally ask Farouk about the cat, and he scratches his whiskery chin. "It is funny that one." He waits to see how interested I really am, and I nod encouragement. "Well, 2yrs past, there is a visitor here, a Scotch man. His name is 'Jimmy'....we have many tourists here." Now, I’m definitely curious.

The cat is watching, and Farouk pauses. "This Scotch man, he stays for many days; helps my sister in the shop. She tells him he smokes too much…like they are married." Farouk laughs. "He likes my sister, and he is cheeky this Scotch man…very funny, and yes, we are sorry to see him go."

The cat hasn't moved, and Farouk continues. "For many months this man is using the Skype to talk to Effie most days."

"One day this baby cat is here, right at my sister's door. The cat is very small and is demanding food. He is wanting to come inside the shop." Farouk looks across at the gurgling stream.

"But Effie can no longer contact her Scotch man. There is no phone. He is suddenly nowhere. She is so sad…but this cat, he will not leave this place. 'Jimmy' she is calling him."

Photo: See You Jimmy – Chefchaouen, Morocco _ Ian Cochrane

  1. mads2cents 

    What an interesting tale Farouk told you about Jimmy the cat and Jimmy the Scotch man. Well, I hope Effie hears from Jimmy the Scotch man again one day. That’s a great photo, Jimmy is a cute cat.

    Btw, your “daily rosewater and honey yoghurt infusion, with dates, fruit and cereal” sounds really good and healthy too.


    1. lostboys 

      Well, we can always hope for the best Madilyn.
      Thanks for dropping by to meet Jimmy.


  2. brendaaddie 

    I love the poignancy of this tale - perhaps tail?


    1. lostboys 

      & yes, Jimmy did have quite a tail