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4 years ago
The answer is "no"...
The answer is

...well, almost always.

Me? Been writing for ever, finally with a modest "success': the tale of an obscure ghost of an island afloat on the Venetian Lagoon.

How did I get over that first hurdle?  Well, as it happens I'd already sent off reams of scribbles into the publishing ether with no reply....and finally engaged a 'proper' editor.

I persisted with my efforts until one day receiving this call  from a newspaper; yes, a `real' newspaper -
     "Ian, is this your article?"
      Me: "Mmm...ahem...yes."
     "You know, we may just be able to use it Ian..."
      Me: "Mmm...really?" (I've only had a couple of replies in almost 2yrs.)
     "...well yes Ian, we like it...it's quite romantic, and full of ghosts...too long though. Would you cut it to 1200 words max?"
      Me: "Mmm...I don't think I can...sorry."

Later I ring my long-suffering editor, me basking in the afterglow of an unexpected reply.
Initially there's dead silence.
       Ed: "Ian, are you kidding??? Do you know who that was?"
       Me: "Ahem, ahh no."
       Ed : "Well Ian, that was an editor from Australia's only daily national broadsheet. For God's sake get a hard copy, a red pen, and slash it to 1200 words!"

So, here's the result, my very first published `travel' feature - 'Ghosts in the Murk and Mist.'

...I push open the squeaky gate into our deserted hotel courtyard. In the musty air, I run my hand over the cold dome of yet another ancient wellhead. The sounds of St Marks evaporate and a lamp beckons beneath a white awning...


Photo: Grey Ghosts - Torcello, Venetian Lagoon, Italy _ Ian Cochrane



  1. brendaaddie 

    thank you for taking the time to explore your journey to print.


    1. lostboys 

      Very kind. For a long time I resisted cutting any words at all, confusing the number of words with the `power' of words