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4 years ago
Deep water, dangerous dreams
Deep water, dangerous dreams

Destination - The Kimberley, Australia

The hot silence is heavy, and I’m loathed to break it. Maurice waits, looks at me knowingly, then follows my gaze back down to Steep Island. 

“You know bro, the blackfellas in olden days, they learned the secret ways. They paddled on small rafts out there.” He points a crooked finger. 

“They must climb this island, and stay until they are men.” I ponder how the hell anyone climbs 30m vertical walls. “Yes bro; those blackfellas are just kids, and some, they die. There are many sharks here; stingers and salties.” He extends both arms out to his sides. I get the picture; the saltwater crocodiles are giants.

Photo: Deep water - Raft Point, The Kimberley, Western Australia _ Ian Cochrane

  1. leahsnowhere 

    Men are just plain crazy.


    1. lostboys 

      Hullo Leah. haha, thanks. very kind


    2. tonyberkman 

      Sounds exciting. ... too watch.


  2. lostboys 

    Exactly Tony


    1. helenpatrice 

      What boys will do to prove they're men.


      1. lostboys 

        We never quite get there I'm afraid