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1 year ago
Time to Travel - a book review
Time to Travel - a book review

With Guy Thair's `The Wrong Stuff’ we have the tale of a mysterious wooden box, the fate of which has serious connotations for the laws of decency and world order; a travel book of sorts with an Orwellian-Doctor Who of a plot that twists and turns, with a liberal dose of violence, desperation and humour with just a dash of jellied eel. 

In his first book, the author has hit upon the right stuff: a rollicking ride, a fast-moving adventure with an eccentric scientist and a feisty, gin-drinking heroine who smokes cheroot cigarettes and is not afraid to wield a lethal fire poker when absolutely necessary; a grisly ending for one particular villain. And there are nasty villains on tap here –  the head-henchman particularly conniving – along with a barrel full of surprises and the oddest allies from unexpected quarters along the way. 

To write any novel takes dedication, but it seems a particularly courageous concept if the job is undertaken on a mobile phone as Guy Thair has done here. But then `The Wrong Stuff' too, is a story of perseverance and commitment. And for those that enjoy an imaginative science-fiction mystery with a fast-moving plot and a Victorian bent, this book just might be one out of the box.