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3 years ago
3 years ago
Verity, watcher on the shore

Ilfracombe Harbour, Devon, UK -

One of the many things that makes living in North Devon such a pleasure is the wide variety of outdoor sculpture and artwork that adds so much to the already spectacular landscape.

One such example of al-fresco artistic endeavour is the extraordinary "Verity", Damien Hirst's huge and hugely controversial statue on the harbour wall in Ilfracombe, a bustling seaside tourist magnet or sleepy coastal town, depending on the seasons.

As you approach Ilfracombe on the steeply winding road that leads down from the plateau of Exmoor, brief glimpses of Hirst's creation are visible through the trees, vanishing as you carefully take another hairpin bend on the descent into the town.

But it isn't until you reach the harbour itself that the full scale and grandeur of the statue becomes apparent.

Erected in 2012, Verity divided local residents and art critics alike, not all that surprising when you consider the subject matter; a half flayed, pregnant woman, brandishing a sword and displaying a cross-section of her abdomen, revealing the embryo within.

At this point I should say that I'm a big fan of Hirst's work and I think Verity is a fantastic piece of art, but he is clearly an acquired taste and I can see why some people may be put off by the visceral nature of his work.

Having said that, I'd still recommend taking a look if you find yourself in the area, because until you get up close and personal with her, you really can't appreciate the impact she has.

My photos barely do her justice, they can't begin to convey her impressive elegance as she stares out to sea, a silent guardian keeping watch on the horizon, and a second video shows her installation on the North Devon coastline.

The attached film short `Damien Hirst's Verity, Ilfracombe - Amazing Aerial Views' is by Snapography.

The second montage/film short `Verity : Erection Day Ilfracombe 16th Oct 2012' is by squeezyrider's channel.

  1. lostboys 

    Have to say, I'm a great fan of Hirst & love this sculpture. (But of course, I'm not partial to ALL of his work & don't feel obliged to be.)

    Both these short films are stunning -
    1/ the Aerial take quite sublime,
    2/ the installation/erection of the 20m Verity simply awe-inspiring.

    Re: your own Verity photo's, I suspect nothing can replace actually seeing her in person - alas I was last there in 1975. I have taken the liberty of attaching this great photo collage of yours.