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4 years ago
Writing tips?
Writing tips?

Don't think there are  any rules that fit all...like most things I guess.

For me...

       - Don't write when not `in the mood'. (Probably best to head off and do something else)      

       - Write from your heart (it has to `feel' right)

       - Take notes at any time. (I use my iphone)

       - Take heaps of photo's (I've been known to wallow in nostalgia, returning to a `travel' subject from years back)

       - Forget about getting published (if it happens, great; but rejection is the norm. Writing mostly means another job)

        - Make each word count (and use as few as possible)

       - Revisit your work over, over , over and over again...then repeat the exercise (until absolutely happy)

       - Get a good editor, with an affinity for what you are trying to say (especially in the early days)

Photo: The best editor on the planet (for me) - Jackey Coyle of `Wordy Gurdy; at the launch of  `Indian Summers - Mumbai and beyond'.

Photo: Jackey  Coyle at the Melbourne Launch of `Indian Summers' _ Ian Cochrane



  1. tonyberkman 

    ghost writer + editor


    1. lostboys 

      now, there's an idea...with me sitting back drinking bottles of chateau le chasselas. mmm...i think you've caught my drift Tony


  2. upyawz 

    Fifty shades of grey consternation A Ian? Yep,good advice. Every write in moderation. Watched a doco on my favorite comedian Spike Milligan who went on manic rampage of write changing the scripts with manic compulsion but admitted in the end more often than not the first drafts were just as good. Tony is right too. Ghost writer. Give a piece to say three friends of alternate taste who don't write. 'Ordinary critics unbiased' sometimes provide the Best feedback. Editors are great. Tele wise or radio. They'll gut three quarters and still retain the essence of the piece. Some people coke up,smoke, gamble,take anti-depressants without really knowing why. I write. Not to please or placate anyone, whether people like it or not is of no consequence to me...don't really know why? Maybe to placate an inexplicable urge? :>)


    1. lostboys 

      Definitely an inexplicable urge.
      A writer simply needs to write...no choice in the matter.