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3 years ago
The Devil's in the derail - domestic violence
The Devil's in the derail - domestic violence

Lifelines - Reachout.com

He kicked the Harley in the guts, no leathers, raucous,

Crankcase leak, just a smidgin, raw cuss from the burnt exhaust...frights pigeons.

His mate's wonder, where to in such a rush?

Had imbibed on a bit, 'smoked' on a lip.

His missus just died on the drip.

Couldn't care less as he shot across crest

Howling at nearly full song.

Witness's swore the guy had slowed down,

The crossing lady lay... face down, on the ground.

Cops came along, onlookers throng,

Why had she rushed without care?

The bikie dead, tested out of his head,

Though the clue to her dash seemingly crass,

The rider really wasn't to blame.

The blame lay in bed, that night, and he shed,

A curse and self-satisfied smile.

For she had been bashed, the kids knew the rest,

Fearful tears... for they knew the truth.

Mum had enough of the fist and the cuff

Remarked as she turned, blew a kiss,

"Kids I've had enough...God bless it's too tough"

I love you but I must now bail."

She stepped on the crossing no threats no more bossing.

The devil of instant derail.

The mother-in-Heaven looked down on her brethren.

The grandparents they stood, as mum hoped, with kids- would,

The Devil moved on to new grounds.

He died on a knife, caused no more strife, the woman he hit went free.

It was karma you see as he died on his knees...

The Devil of instant derail.

In Australia the assault on women is pushed to the fore-

Pity indeed...that the worst happens...behind the cowardly door.

And the coppers go home mutter and groan...

A bikie lies numb, alongside a battered young mum...and the kids try to make sense of it all.

  1. lostboys 

    A pointed turn of phrase Ralph. Frighteningly commonplace, with leaving not always so easy.


    1. upyawz 

      Ian thanks so much for the posting,much appreciated. Yeah, it's a bloody shame bud. It's a dead end street. From caveman to caving in to violence towards women. Just a barbaric extension. And the monotonous drumbeat of a government showing scant regard to the fact that refuges poorly funded only provide scant assist. And guys genuine wonder why women are men- shy after being subjected to a coward's abuse. Not to mention the kids. The shrinks will never be out of employment. More's the pity.