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4 years ago
Times like this
Times like this

Destination = Matana Beach, Kadavu, Fiji

A canoe-back yacht sits, shining white hull and masts aglow on early-morning indigo seas; the unsighted captain choosing last night’s tide to navigate reef-strewn islands in total darkness. Ethereal bouts of Sunday singing drift on warm air; melodious melded voices rise and fall. The hair stands on the back of my neck.

Photo: Nabukulevu Volcano (Matana Beach below) - Kadavu, Fiji _ Ian Cochrane

  1. leahsnowhere 

    how long were you there? Better yet how long do you usually stay at the places you travel?


    1. lostboys 

      That snap was from my 3rd visit.
      Generally 1wk each time.
      Overnight minimum wherever I go...to see a place @ all hours.
      That often slides into a few days, months. Has been known to extend to over a year