A wandering bird's-eye overview of most things even vaguely related to travel, and an opportunity for writers, artists and photographers to contribute the historical, the hysterical, the quirky and quixotic... anything with heart.

Travel n Ravel Family Tree


Ian Cochrane is an Australian writer and author calling Melbourne home. His style is anecdotal and observational, his published short stories on people and places found here: iancochrane.com.au and here on Amazon


Annie Boreson is an American writer from Los Angeles, California. Her style is funny, sad, reflective and self-deprecating. More of Annie's work is found here: annieboreson.com

Brenda Addie is an Australian actor and writer from Melbourne, Victoria. Her kaleidoscope vistas are funny and  self-deprecating, with a theatrical flair. More of Brenda‚Äôs work is found here:  brendaaddie.com

dalecooper57x is an aging hippy Englishman, writer, photographer, animator and creator of  suspiciously odd `music'. He lives somewhere in North Devon, his style eclectic and heartfelt. More of his work is found here: diaryofaninternetnobody.com

Drew Athans is an American musician, writer, chemist, and runner from Boston, Massachusetts. His style is informative, varied and probing. More of Drew's work is found here:  rockandrollchemist

Helen Patrice is an Australian memoirist, poet and cat-lady from Melbourne, Victoria. Her style is reflective, quirky and individual. More of Helen's work is found here:  SatyaPriya.com

Leyla Giray Alyanak is a former journalist and foreign correspondent who can't sit still. This sometimes gets her into trouble. She now lives in rural Eastern France, where mountains are high and WIFI  is slow. Her site - Women on the Road - is a toolkit that empowers women who want to travel solo.

Ralph Jones is an Australian comedy and drama writer from the wilds of Gippsland, Victoria. His style is quirky, clever, and sometimes a dash odd. More of Ralph's work can be found hereRalph Jones

Vyacheslav Argenberg is a photographer from Rostov-on-Don, southern Russia. His images are observational, sensitive and atmospheric. More of Vyacheslav's work is found here:  vascoplanet.com

POSITIVE VIBES AND SOUNDING BOARD  - Tony and Angie, previously of  blogcatalog.com


Photo: The Modern Office - Library of Virginia, USA _ flickr Ceative Commons